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Roni BrunnVideo Ace’s founding CEO Roni Brunn grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, attended high school in Los Angeles, and graduated Harvard University with a major in economics. In her work as a web developer, she created sites for musicians such as Ringo Starr and Justin Timberlake.  She co-founded and served as CEO/creative director of Thursday Friday, a fashion accessories label that saw its iconic Together Bag featured on the Today Show, The New York Times, Vogue, Elle and countless publications within a year of launch.  Brunn oversaw wholesale distribution as it exceeded 450 department and specialty stores worldwide in just 18 months.

She also created LA’s Math-Club, a social organization that gathers young Hollywood and the brightest math minds for cocktails and lectures. Math-Club has been featured in Wired, Time, NPR and the book The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets.   She is a self-taught musician who writes, performs, and produces all the tracks for her indie synth pop band.  She coded and designed Video Ace.

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